What is Chamber Credit Insurance?

With global insolvencies on the rise the risk of bad debt and late payments is very high, Chamber Credit Insurance can help you to expand internationally and establish new business relationships. Chamber Credit Insurance is a business essential, as well as a financial management tool that provides protection against unexpected bad debts and gives you access to professional expertise in the form of credit management information and services.

Your local Chamber have partnered up with Euler Hermes, the world’s largest provider of credit insurance to offer all Chamber members a unique and exclusive offering to help to grow your business in the present volatile economic environment.
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So how does Chamber Credit Insurance actually work?

Watch the video below and find out in just 2 minutes how credit insurance can help keep your cash-flow flowing.

Or think of it as...

Your van breaks down

Your van breaks down

but you have a car insurance policy to cover you and get money back

Your office gets flooded

Your office gets flooded

but you have a buildings insurance policy to cover you and get money back

Your customer goes into insolvency?

Your customer goes into insolvency

...but you have a Chamber Credit Insurance policy and you get money back

Chamber Credit Insurance can protect your business in 3 easy steps

We work with you to set appropriate credit limits for your customers If there is a serious delay in payment, you notify us via our online service and we will assist you in collecting the debt where appropriate through our award-winning collections service If the debt is non-collectable, for example because of insolvency, then we will process your claim swiftly to ensure that your cash flow is not adversely affected

Why use Chamber Credit Insurance?

Receive in-depth knowledge of your marketplace

We have data from over 40 million business at our fingertips helping to ensure your business outlook is always positive.

Allows for more accurate sales forecasting

Your passport for doing business abroad

In the UK and Ireland Euler Hermes are currently offering in excess of £62billion worth of credit cover to their clients; 47% of which is export.

Greater access
to finance & support

Better risk prevention

You can minimise your business risks with the latest market intelligence helping you to keep you finger on your market pulse.
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on your new and existing customers for free with Euler Hermes.